We love intimate weddings!

Although the total cost of the average wedding has increased, the average size of weddings have decreased in recent years. As of 2014 calculations, the average American wedding cost $31,213¬†and the average¬†guest count is 136. Who doesn’t love an intimate heartfelt wedding? Intimate weddings often allow brides and grooms to have a more specialized and custom event within their budget since fewer items may need to be provided and/or purchased when the head count is smaller than that of larger weddings. Brides and grooms who want to stay on budget but still have a custom event can infuse more of their character and personality into their wedding without breaking the bank by choosing to have a shorter guest list. Of course for those brides who are social butterflies with big banks and just can’t seem to narrow their guest list down, a large extravangant Sha-Bang is just as exciting!

Ladies, are you planning to have a large (150+) or more intimate wedding when your big day comes?



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